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 Your audience is waiting

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We all want to be acknowledged and valued for who we are and what we do, which is why we spend time with our friends, co-workers, and others. We need an audience to inspire, challenge, offer feedback and buy our books.

                                                                What is an audience?

An audience is a group of people who can be reached through TV, radio, newspapers, conferences, meetings, book signings, social media, blogs etc. Your audience could be fellow writers, poets, new moms, book clubs, crafting buddies or church ministry. In essence, your target audience depends on the kind of topic you're writing about.

                                                            So how do you build and audience?

That's a good question and there are varied opinions on how to do it. Some people blog, join groups, use social media and other tools to develop a following. But, regardless of how you do it, it's essential to incorporate social media into the process of developing an audience.

I remember my first blog, I connected all my social media icons, thinking I'd have hundreds of followers in a few months.

                                                                But it never happened.

I made the mistake of thinking it being on social media would result in instant popularity and I was wrong. Social media is a great tool, but it requires, time patience, consistency and knowing how to make it work for you. But social media isn't the only way to build an audience or following.

                                                                 If you're just getting started. 

A word press is a good way to to get connected. You can create a blog that suits you need, schedule posts, add pull quotes and connect with others who have similar interests. If you're serious about being a writer, you need an audience. How you develop your audience and the tools you use are entirely up to you. But don't wait. do it now, your audience is waiting . . . go out find them!

J. Wallace

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