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What if?

   Two words that changed my life

· Life Lessons

Revised 1/16

It all started with a question, the kind that pops out of your mouth without thinking.

A question so thought-provoking, it changed the course of our life. Can a dream be born with two simple words? What if you followed your dream, changed jobs, bought your first home, decided to have a baby, or even moved across the country? Could it change your life for the better?

When my husband and I bought our current home,at the time it seemed like the right choice But, they say hindsight is always 20/20. and looking back we wished we'd thought of this sooner.

"What if you could live somewhere else, where would it be?"

I asked my husband nonchalantly one morning, which started a barrage of questions. Why would we want to move? Where would we go if we did? How do you start over at 60 some years old? What was I thinking? But as my husband and I discussed the idea, it began to take root. But a change that big requires preparation, planning and timing. My husband and I are the kind of people who tend to think outside the box. He's good with details and finances. I'm the visionary and planner which makes us a good team. Once the decision was made, I did some research on area we wanted to live. What I discovered kindled a spark of hope in this writer's heart, that made me feel alive again. I discovered that city has a huge and very active writing community, something I've wanted to be part of for many years and that's only one of the many benefits I found while doing research.

A dream was born the day that question popped out of my mouth and I came to realize

that God had something better in mind for us. But we can't experience it, if we're not willing to step out of the boat into the crashing waves of change. Changes can be difficult or even scary at times. We dread the idea of leaving our comfort zone to step into the unknown . . the waves of change. But if we don't change, we can become apathetic and miss on the things God may have in store for us. I've been a christian for 40 years and I've seen God do some amazing things in my life, including miracles. So stepping out of the boat into the crashing waves of change, doesn't bother me, but missing out on what God might have in store for me does.

The Bible says in Jer. 29:11"God has a good plan for us, one that will give us a future and and hope"

God has always had a good plan for his people, but its hard for us to understand and trust what we can't see. We want the details of the plan before we step out of the boat, But God says step out in faith and I'll lead you to where I want you to be. So don't be afraid to step out of the boat into the waves of change, because what he has for you, is better than what you left behind in the boat.

J. W.


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