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The good, the bad and the organic

a visit to Gold beach Oregon

· Life Lessons,Travel

The crisp early morning chill left goose bumps on my arms as we walked across the parking lot in Gold Beach Oregon to buy tickets for the legendary mail boat trip up the Rouge River. An adventure I'd been anticipating for weeks and felt like a kid waiting to get on a ride at Disney land. As our guide cruised out of the harbor toward the river, sea gulls swarmed around the harbor hoping to grab tidbits of left over fish before seal got it. As we cruised deeper into the canyons of the Rouge River, waterfalls spilled from the canyon walls, otters played tag and eagles swooped down to snag a fish from the river only a few feet from the boat . . a photographer’s delight. The quiet serenity, the beauty of nature and its inhabitants inspired me. I dreamed about living in a cabin along the river writing books, and enjoying the serenity of nature. After lunch we headed back to the harbor

with the memories of boat ride dancing through our mind.

The next morning we packed our things to head home and stopped at a seemingly nice café for breakfast. From the moment we walked in the door we sensed something was amiss. The hostess

who approached us was wearing a frozen frown across her thin, delicate face and the

the patrons were apparently were suffering from the same agony. . whatever it was. After we were seated we discovered the menu items were purely organic. But decided to give it a try. My husband asked for a diet coke was served an organic diet drink claiming to be coke, one sip of it was enough to ruin your taste buds for the rest of the day. I ordered coffee and asked cream, but my request was completely ignored,while the table next to us was supplied with several small pictures of cream, which a young boy speedily drank down. While other around us got their breakfast, we still hadn't received ours.

But that wasn't the only thing that was amiss. There was no smell fresh coffee being brewed, bacon cooking or even the occasional smell of burnt toast. In fact there no smell of food cooking at all, which seemed very strange. So we decided to delegate the undelivered organic pancakes, foul tasting coke, cream-less coffee and terrible service to the next unlucky out-of- towners, paid for our drinks and left. Down the street just a few blocks away was another restaurant and could smell the food cooking from the parking lot. They were very friendly, the food was good and the service was great. So if you ever visit Gold Beach Oregon by all means sign up for a boat ride at Jerry's mail boats, its a wonderful adventure and worth every penny. But beware of nice looking cafes with tasteless food, bad service with the ambiance sullen like a funeral parlor, and that's the good, bad and organic of our visit to Gold beach Oregon.

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