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When I was in my 20s, my main source of transportation was a ten-speed bike. I loved riding a bike because I could feel the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair and hear the birds chirp. What was even better, was I didn't have to worry about a parking place, the cost of gas, insurance or costly repair bills. Although there's are a lot of advantages to riding a bike, there are some disadvantages too. Riding on level ground doesn't take much effort. But climbing a hill does and I always had to get off my bike and walk the rest of the way up the hill, so I avoided them whenever I could.

I’ve always been amazed by people who ride highway 101 along the Oregon coast, as they seem to climb the hills so effortlessly as if they have a hidden power source that keeps them going. Although I admire their stamina, it's not something I'll to put on my bucket list.

As I have grown older, riding a bike doesn't have the appeal it once did, there's too many hills, no bike lanes and besides I'd rather drive my Hyundai. It gets great gas mileage, keeps me dry during the rainy months and I don't have to pedal to keep it going.

Recently, I was driving along the coast and got stuck behind a van going 35 in a 55-mile hour zone. The driver appeared to be enjoying the ocean view and had no intention of pulling over. As the line of cars continued to grow people got impatient and so did I. But then I saw a passing lane. I checked my mirrors and prepared to change lanes when another car quickly pulled out and zoomed ahead of me. So I ended up getting stuck behind the van again. Darn!!

Then a thought popped into my mind. YOU GOT THE POWER BUT YOU'RE NOT USING IT. The words hit me like a cannonball. God was using this situation to show me, that he gives me the power to overcome the obstacles in my life and defeat the enemy. . . but I fail to use it. The enemy of our soul wants us to believe we are powerless. Why? So we'll give up, climb off the bike and trudge up the long hill of defeat. I've climbed that hill of defeat too many times, sulking in self-pity and negative thinking. But in the midst of my pity party, God whispered Are you done yet? That's when I remember he listens to everything I say and patiently waits for me stop feeling sorry for myself and trust him to work things out.

I've come to realize that when I do things in my own strength, it's like trying to pedal a one-speed bike up a steep hill. It doesn't work. But, if I allow God to work through me and depend on his strength, I can overcome the obstacles in my way and make it to the top of the hill. So if you're struggling to climb the hills of life, and it isn't working. Ask God for help. He' ll give you the strength and power you need to overcome the hills of defeat and be more victorious. And who wouldn't want that?

Dear Lord: Help me to recognize when I'm doing things in my strength and not yours. Teach me how to use the power you've given me to live a victorious life. In Jesus name Amen

By J. Wallace ©2018

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