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prayer until something happens

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What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and grieve to bear. What a privilege it is to carry everything to Him in prayer"

Did you know prayer is one of the most important forms of communication between you and God? Prayer is avenue in which we communicate with God regarding the affairs of our life.

Prayer can bring peace in the midst of chaos, ease worry, bring healing to wounded lives, marriages and broken hearts.. . just to name a few. The book of James {5:17} says, "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man {or woman} accomplishes much" It means the hot, on fire, persistent prayer of a righteous person can accomplish great things. Persistent, and fervent prayers are the kind that comes from the depths of our soul and pours out of us like a raging flood. It cries in the night hours and will not give up until the request has been granted.

How important is the need? The importance may depend on how desperate you are to receive an answer. Maybe you're praying for a sick child, wife, husband or a loved one, a financial need, or help to overcome drugs, alcohol addiction, nightmares, or abuse. Whatever it is God is able and willing to provide the help you need. God can answer our prayers in a variety of ways, so be open to how God may choose to answer your request. Your request is being made to God, who is the beginning and the end, the morning star, the great I am, the author and finisher of our faith, the Lamb of God and cares for you.

When it comes to prayer, the importance of the need often depends on how desperate you are to have an answer. You might be praying for a sick wife, husband, or child, for a financial need, help to overcome drugs, alcohol addiction, nightmares, or even abuse. No matter what it is, nothing is impossible with God. The Bible says “Keep asking, seeking and knocking until you receive the answer to your prayer. So take your need to the throne of God, pray about it and trust God to provide to provide the answer. Remember the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person accomplishes great things and that’s something you can depend on.

J. Wallace


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