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Offering hope

in difficult situations

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We all experience minor difficulties such as a flat tire, traffic jams, forgetting your cell phone, wallet, or keys. Although, things like that are annoying, it's a part of life. But sometimes those minor annoyances can become overwhelming, especially if you're already experiencing a crisis such as; the loss of a loved one, cancer, a natural disaster, abuse, etc. So how do you help someone going through crisis or difficult situation? First of all, understand, everyone is different and some people are able to cope with stressful situations better than others, but no matter what the problem, crisis or problems are we all need hope and hope gives us a reason to keep going. So, I've complied a list of things you can do to help someone going through a crisis. the most important ingredients you need to help anyone in a difficult situation is wisdom, compassion, grace and a lot of love.

I writing about this because I know what it's like to feel hopeless, ,experience loss, have my trust repeatedly violated and endure abuse. The people who made the biggest impact in my life, were the ones who listened, were kind, non judgmental, showed love and believed in me through my healing process. And these are the principals I use, when I'm helping someone who is going through a difficult situation and I want to share them with you.

2. Listen with the heart of the spirit and think before you speak. Careless words can cause serious damage, push someone over the edge and cause them, to give up hope.

3. Don't judge. You don't know what that person has been through, their limitations, issues, or past traumas they might have been through.

4. Drop the rhetoric, Christian slang, stereotyping, and labeling. Wounded people are often very perceptive and intuitive. They can sense underlying attitudes, unspoken messages of disapproval and rejection and if they should trust you or not.

5. Trust is essential when trying to help someone. especially if they're trust has been repeatedly betrayed. A wounded person needs to feel safe with the one who is helping them, before they can open up to you.

6 Never take unfair advantage, control or try to manipulate a wounded person in any way. Doing so violates their trust and causes even more damage.

7.Speak kindly, softly and lovingly. Let your words be sprinkled with grace, mercy and love.

8. Acceptance. Real acceptance and love is not based on performance, outward appearance, or status, position or even wealth.

9. Show love. 1 Corinthians 13 is referred to as the love chapter and gives us a clear picture of what love is and isn't . Love is kind, doesn't envy, it's not prideful, doesn't behave rudely, not easily provoked, doesn't think evil of others, rejoices in truth and love never fails. Some people are easy to love, while others are seemingly impossible to love. But, sometimes love requires us to put our feelings and perceptions aside and find something good about that person and focus on that.

My prayer is when you meet someone who seems to be wounded by life, be gracious, speak kindly, let your words and actions be loving. Don't overwhelm them with demands, but accept and love them as God does. Most of all give them the hope they so desperately need.. even if it's a little at time. Real love {God's love} along with time has a tremendous ability to heal even the deepest wounds of our hearts.

By J. Wallace /copyright 2018

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