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Mean- O* pause

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A symptom caused by the stress and hormonal changes of menopause, which may cause you to act irrationally and out of character about everything at any given moment.

Mean-o-pause, sneaks up on you when you least expect it and invades every part of your being. One minute you feel fine and sane, the next you’re screaming at the person who took your parking place at the mall or sobbing in the bathroom stall because you can’t wear a size eight anymore. You may have even rushed into the kitchen and stick your head inside the freezer. Now, what rational person sticks their head in a freezer? However, being rational has nothing to do with it. At that moment you’re only concern is to cool the intense heat flooding every facet of your body and sticking your head in a freezer seems to work. I did it.

I don’t know the day or time, this dreaded thing invaded my body, but I wished someone would have warned me I’d turn into a mean-o pause monster that felt like chocking the living daylights out of someone...for no apparent reason. I'm kidding...... well maybe not! Any woman who has experienced the sudden and unbearable flashes of heat {aka} “POWER SURGES & HOT FLASHES} can relate. Hot flashes can be so intense it makes you wish you lived in Alaska so you could shove your body in a snow bank {which definitely chill you out!} While doing such things may appear as if you’ve lost your mind.

and wonder if there’s a light at the end of the menopausal tunnel. If there is, I'm buying a ticket for the next train headed in that direction. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning; the full meal deal was the way. Next doctor appointment revealed some unsettling news. I had a large fibroid tumor in my uterus and needed a hysterectomy. A short time after the surgery, mood swings, hot flashes and all the other symptoms no one told me about got worse. I thought I was losing my mind and was seriously considering some kind of medication to maintain my sanity.

This thing called menopause has a tendency to take you right to the edge of feeling like you’’re losing your sanity and leave you there. Remember the times you mother threatened you “I brought you into this world I can take you out? It was probably the menopause talking. No wonder my son left home after he graduated high school. He was avoiding the impending storm that soon to come. Smart boy! Just when I thought I'd be stuck with this dreaded mean-o-pause monster in me, I stumbled upon an answer. I was browsing through a downtown shop and commented on how warm it was in the store. The clerk asked if I was going through menopause."

I don’t know." I responded as I fanned myself. She looked around to be sure we were alone. Then looked right my flushed red face and told me something I'd never heard before. My menopausal symptoms were so severe I had to seek medical and emotional help.” aid,

“ I had no idea the change of life could affect someone that severely,” I said as I browsed a rack filled with tank tops. Her story gave me hope, it meant I wasn’t losing my mind I’d been attacked by the mean-o-pause monster. I walked out of there feeling determined to conquer this thing once and for all.. yeah right!

I talk to my doctor, which didn’t go well, so I went in search of a women doctor. I learned the symptoms could be eased or at least subside to a manageable level, with Hormone replacement therapy. But it wasn’t for everyone. I went through a series trial and error searching for the right dose of HRT that might work for me. Everything I tried made me sick, it and made me feel like being pregnant and spent part of my morning kissing the great white porcelain throne. The rest of the time I felt as though I was on an emotional roller coaster. I was so frustrated with this raging beast called menopause in me, I did a search on the Internet desperate for an answer and I found several websites about menopause and with good advice on how to ease the symptoms.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Cut sweets out of  your diet as much as possible{ even sugar-free  ones}
  3. Exercise two to three times a week.  easier said than done}
  4.  Try using an herbal supplement instead of HRT.{ hormone replacement  therapy }
  5.  Consult a doctor if symptoms become unmanageable.

As I made the needed adjustments the hot flashes tapered off and the mood swings lessened until they were almost nonexistent. After a few months of consistently following that advice, the symptoms began to fade. I didn't need to stick my head freezer on a daily basis. Does that mean the mean-o-pause monster had been tamed? Tamed but not gone. I still have an occasional hot flash and want to engage in scream therapy. But I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again. I've just adjusted to the weirdness that comes with menopause, realize that normal is only a setting on my dryer and this too will pass.

If you're suffering from menopausal symptoms, talk to your doctor and find out what kind of options are available. If HRT   doesn't work for you consider trying natural supplements or visit in a doctor who specializes in natural remedies.

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