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overcoming the traumas of life


· Unveiled

    Life doesn’t always go as we planned or hoped it would. We may not marry our high school sweetheart, go to the college of our dreams or even get the job we hoped for. But disappointments like these are usually forgotten over time. But what happens when an unforeseen tragedy strikes? A loved one discovers they have cancer, a child is killed in school shooting, divorce rips your family apart, a child is sexually abuse while the mother sits near by with a needle in her arm or a young girl innocence is ripped away by four ruthless boys and leaving her shattered and broken. Things like this happen everyday, the news is filled with stories of senseless violence, neglect, abuse and tragedy.

It's hard to comprehend why someone would think such things, let alone do them. It's one thing to see it on TV or read about in a newspaper, but when it happens to us or someone in our family, the pain is more intense and we wish we could curl up in a fetal position and make the world go away. Tragedies, regardless of what kind they are leave wounds on our soul. Wounds so deep it can take a years before the memory stops oozing and forms a scar. Scars remind us of of the trauma, what we lost and can leave us stuck in a mode of suffering. Sometimes the fog of suffering is so thick and dense, we fail to see the light of hope on the other side.

Hope is essential if you want to move beyond the cycle of suffering and start healing. When I began my journey of healing to overcome the pain and trauma of abuse, there were times it was so intense I'd hide in my apartment and cry for days at time. Memories flooded my thoughts and threaten to suck me into an abyss of hopelessness. A hopelessness so strong it felt like it could steal the breath from my lungs. Each time this happened I would cry out to God to help me and a peace would enveloped me, as if God had placed an invisible bubble around me to protect me from the darkness that threatened to steal my sanity.

One of the scriptures that helped me during this time was 2 Timothy 1:7 " God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind." I knew God was the only one who could heal my shattered soul and restore the years the enemy had taken from me. Unveiled is my journey from being a broken and shattered soul to becoming the woman of God I was meant to be. So I hope you'll follow as I share my journey. And know no matter what you've been through, hope is just a whisper away and his name is Jesus.

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J. Wallace/ copyright 2019.

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