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One of the biggest struggles writers often face is trying to find ideas. We need ideas write articles, books, blog posts and even for social media.   Sometimes ideas seem to appear out of nowhere, other times they're illusive and hard to find.

                                                                  So where do you find ideas?

When I was in college my creative writing teacher taught us about the importance of being observant,  a skill every writer should develop. One of our was assignments was to pay attention to our surroundings, and use what we saw in a story. Later that day while I was waiting for the city bus, I noticed a trail of ants crossing the sidewalk. I pulled out my notebook, wrote my observations and anything else I could think of about ants. My next thought was how can I take this idea and turn into a story? So I asked myself the ultimate question.


What those ants lived in an ant farm that belonged to a young boy with a vivid imagination and a nose for trouble? I used that idea for my assignment and read to the class the following week. They they loved it and so did the teacher and I still have that story in my file cabinet today.

They they loved it!

That was one of the most important lessons as newbie writer and still do it even today. When you pay attention to the world around you, ideas seem to come more easily. An idea can form in your mind with a just simple question like what if, and with a little imagination that idea can take flight and turn into something wonderful.

I had a dream

I had dream many years ago once about a mansion, the family who lived there and its resident ghost. I was so intrigued by the dream, I wrote it down every detail and it later became the foundation for a novel  which is still in my file drawer waiting to be finished. It doesn't matter how an idea presents itself, whether it comes as an observation, a dream, reading a book, watching TV, or seeing a sign on the road, it's up to you to do something with it . So if your struggling with finding ideas, take a walk in the park, along the beach, in the country, or spend some time in a coffee shop listening to the conversation around you and take notes on what you hear, see, feel or even taste. Doing this is a great way to fine tune your observation skills, overcome writer's block and improve your writing skills. So climb on board that magic carpet of ideas, and let it take you to the where ideas are born. . .  in your imagination.

J. Wallace

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